…you had a consistent flow of the right new prospective clients?

You would be able to:

Develop more and better clients

Compound your current income

Earn more industry respect/recognition

Reduce your mental effort and energy

Spend more time with those you love

The Precision Marketing Approach™ delivers more of the right new prospective clients with a lot less fuss, fanfare and financial expense.

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Attend my live two-part online workshop to see how it is possible for you to significantly difference improve your results. You’ll be glad you did!

Part I - To Be Announced

Part II - To Be Announced

Are you stunting your own growth because you don’t have a sustainable method to create a consistent flow of opened cases with the right prospective clients that fit your current Best Case Scenario?

They say that “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.

Is it time for you to attend a workshop with a highly qualified specialist on the most critical subject that will accelerate your trajectory of success?

My specialty is taking complex subjects and breaking them into turnkey processes that solve pesky problems.

Regardless of your age, stage or phase in the business, learn about the proven principles, model methods and scientific processes that can guide your growth.

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Part One is a 2.5 hour session on the Power of Precision Marketing

I’ll share the journey that led me to Precision Marketing. I’ll teach you three powerful business lessons I learned in two days and how they apply to you today.

I’ll define some key Principles of Growth™ that will keep you focused on monumental growth instead of suffering from inconsistent results.

You’ll learn the three types of marketing and the pros and cons of each. This knowledge will save you tons of time and money.

You’ll see why you need to be focused on Precision Marketing as an essential, viable and powerful option for you to create a consistent flow of the right new clients.

You’ll complete an exercise called “Determine My Capability Gap” that will clearly show you the amazing results you can have if you become a focused profile specialist.

Part Two is a 2.5 hour session on the Science of Precision Marketing

You’ll see what it took for me to generate an annual flow of 2,500 leads from Inbound and Influence Marketing.

You’ll see what happened when I discovered that only 3.6% of those prospects actually fit my Best Case Scenario™. 

I’ll teach you what happened when I made the transition from Attraction Marketing to Precision Marketing.

You’ll learn why and how I was able to grow my revenues by over $500,000 in one year while cutting my overhead by over $100,000 that same year.

You’ll also learn about the systems and tools you can use to implement the incredible power and science of precision marketing.

To respect the value of your time and for your convenience, this one-day workshop is condensed into two 2 ½ hour online segments.

Regardless of your current stage of success, you’ll receive valuable insights into how you can grow and achieve a much higher level of growth and satisfaction.

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PS: Read my e-book called “Marketing the Key to Business Success”

Once you sign up, you’ll receive e-mail instructions to download a complimentary copy of "Marketing ...the Key to Business Success". My 68 page e–book for financial advisors delivers sound advice on how to avoid nasty marketing mistakes that limit your potential.

I’ll also define some great strategies to help you improve your marketing results. Get ready to learn. Print a copy, grab a highlighter and find an easy chair. Enjoy!


About Wayne Cotton, CLU

Wayne Cotton struggled for years before finding the right success formula for this business. He built a fabulous process-driven financial business that allowed him to qualify for Court of the Table plus Top of the Table in only 65 selling afternoons a year. Wayne has given over 1,000 industry talks and workshops including two main platform presentations at Million Dollar Round Table annual meetings. He delivered a powerful Top of the Table presentation called “The Pathway to Freedom” at MDRT in 2013. Wayne is considered by thousands of financial advisors to be to be a “Credible Growth Guide” that makes a significant difference.


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